Hello Diana,

Just wanted to thank you hugely, my client could not believe all our mistakes that you found, she had had multiple people read her project, she was reluctant to take the time to send it to you, now she gasps at the errors that would have gone into print without your eyes on this.

I so appreciate your special talents!
Elissa Traher, Traher Design


I must say, Mrs. Rhudick is awfully good!
Barney Matthews, Desktop Publisher


I want to be one of the first to congratulate Diana for an excellent job on
the NETA newsletter (7 years! Wow!) and to thank her for having contributed
in such a selfless way to making things known to all of us.
Rudy Heller, Heller Language Solutions


P.S. The piece came out looking beautiful, thanks to your help.
Pat Nieshoff, Nieshoff Design


I’ve always enjoyed working with you, and as a professional writer and marketing manager, I’ve ALWAYS, without exception, derived EXCEPTIONAL value from your services, far exceeding any associated costs.
Steve Traher, marketing specialist


― Editing Testimonials